Notes From Underground

Press and Reviews

13 Nov 2010 – New York Times
“True to the bombshell of a book that inspired it. Merritt Janson is Excellent. Bill Camp is one of the bravest, smartest, and most physically intense actors in New York. [He] taps into the raw, breath-sucking abjectness that makes Dostoyevsky’s novel such an enduringly harrowing read.”
12 Nov 2010 – New York Post
“Bill Camp’s performance is ferociously raw and fearless.”
12 Nov 2010 –
“See Notes from Underground. It’s a thrill ride”
26 Sept 2010 - Los Angeles Times
“Frighteningly sharp. Deftly acted and ingeniously designed.”
29 Sept 2010 – North County Times
‘Notes’ aims to shock, and succeeds...Notes From Undergroundis most remarkable for Camp’s wild-eyed, grotesque performance as the Man.30 March 2009 – Boston Globe Review
“A brilliantly original and theatrical work of art…Robert Woodruff… at his best”
30 March 2009 – Talking Broadway

“…enthralling, searing, disturbing, and striking…”
30 March 2009 – Time Out New York
“Notes from Underground has critics from Boston to Hartford weeping into their vodkas.  Robert Woodruff is this country’s most adventurous director. Bill Camp is an actor of gale-force charisma.”