“In the work of every American playwright at the end of the 20th century, there are only two stages: before she has read Maria Irene Fornes and after.” - Paula Vogel

“A testament to Fornés' influence is the wide range of artists who openly acknowledge her impact...” - Caridad Svich

“The Fornés Ouvre is one of American drama’s most important achievements.” - Tony Kushner in The New York Times

“Irene is in the pantheon of the great writers like Beckett or Pinter or Caryl Churchill.” - Joanne Akailitis in The New York Times

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Cast Brittany Bradford, Juliana Canfield, Helen Cespedes, Jennifer Lim, Ronete Levenson, Lindsay Rico, Amelia Workman, Carmen Zilles

MARIA IRENE FORNES  has been called the greatest and least-known dramatist of our time. Signature Theatre devoted its 1999–2000 season to her work. She’s written over 40 “spare, poetic, and emotionally forceful works”; won nine OBIE awards; and her epic What of the Night? was a finalist for the 1990 Pulitzer Prize. JoAnne Akalaitis, Edward Albee Caryl Churchill, Migdalia Cruz, John Guare, Tony Kushner, Eduardo Machado, Caridad Svich, Paula Vogel are among the artists that have credited her as an inspiration and influence. 

Fefu and Her Friends is “funny and shocking…the dramatic equivalent of a collection of poems… Seven friends gather at Fefu’s house for a kind of reunion… exploring lives and quite specifically the pain, strain, comforts, and fragility of women’s lives… After the initial scene in the living room, we are divided into four groups and visit the kitchen, a bedroom, and a garden in each of which some particular encounter takes place… The actors perform the same thing four times so that we all have a chance to see them… An engaging kind of activity… There are moments of splendor.” —Richard Eder, reviewing the original 1978 production, The New York Times

In Part 2, the audience will leave their assigned seats and move to other locations in the theatre.
If you book a “seated” ticket, you will sit in your seats for Parts 1 and 3, and have general admission seating for Part 2.
If you book at “standing” ticket, you will sit in your seats for Parts 1 and 3, and stand for Part 2.

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