“A searing central performance [by Kathryn Hunter] flips the gender dynamics as Shakespeare’s study of greed gets a ravishing revival.” - The Guardian

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Featuring Kathryn Hunter

A Co-Production with Shakespeare Theatre Company
In Association with the Royal Shakespeare Company


Simon Godwin (Measure for Measure) returns to TFANA with a reimagining of his acclaimed production of Timon of Athens, featuring Olivier Award-winner Kathryn Hunter, which premiered at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2017. In this new production with an American company, the character of Timon is regendered as female.
Timon lives in a world of opulence and generosity throwing wild parties attended by politicians, artists and the celebrities of Athens. When she loses her wealth and her friends abandon her, Timon takes to the forest, exchanging her luxurious gowns for sackcloth and plotting revenge against the city she loves. This production of Timon of Athens marks the 33rd of Shakespeare’s 38-play canon that TFANA has produced.