Project Development Team

Hugh Hardy and H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture
“H3 is delighted to be a part of the Theatre for a New Audience. This flexible theater will be the first in New York City shaped specifically for Shakespeare. An intimate laboratory for theater exploration, it offers H3 the opportunity to create a setting with the intimacy of Shakespeare’s Globe. As part of the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District, it’s also stimulating for us to take part in an initiative which employs arts to renew the city. We strive to create memorable places that connect architecture with people, hoping the flexibility of our design will make the theater useful to a host of new production ideas. Finally, theaters, by nature, consume large amounts of energy. Working with TFANA has challenged us to create an environmentally responsible design that incorporates sustainable design methods and utilizes the latest in energy efficient systems. Our aim is to reduce the overall use of energy, making TFANA one of the first LEED certified theaters in the country.” – Hugh Hardy H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture Team Members
Geoff Lynch, Partner
David Haakenson, Project Architect More information about H3, Hugh Hardy, and Geoff Lynch
Jonathan F. P. Rose and Jonathan Rose Companies LLC
“When I first attended a Theatre for New Audience performance, I was astounded by the way in which it so perfectly balanced the long history of theatrical traditions with a prophetic contemporary character. This deep commitment to both tradition and freedom informs every aspect of the Theatre for New Audience’s first home in Brooklyn. The theater will have all the tools of the past, such as understage traps (essentially, space under the stage for scenes such as Hamlet’s graveside scene) along with state of the art lighting, sound and other technical systems to support the vision of emerging and future writers and directors. But most importantly, it has been designed to support the greatest intimacy between actors and audience, so that with writers and directors, they can together become one community.” – Jonathan Rose More information about Jonathan Rose
The Project Development Team
Developer: New York City Economic Development Corporation
Architect: H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture
Signage and Graphics: Milton Glaser, Inc.
Owner’s Representative: Jonathan Rose Companies
Theatre Consultant: Theatre Projects Consultants
Consultant to the Artistic Director: Jean-Guy Lecat
Construction Manager: F.J. Sciame Construction Company
Acoustic Consultant: Akustiks
Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, IT and Security: Flack + Kurtz
Civil Engineer: Langan Engineering
Information Technology: Marathon Consulting
Lighting Consultant: Fisher Marantz
Façade Consultant: Front
Sustainability Consultant: Atelier Ten
Specifications: The Friday Group
Code Consultant: Milrose Consultants
ADA Consultant: McGuire Associates


Pictured above: Polonsky Shakespeare Center, photo ©David Sundberg/Esto.