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Critical Acclaim for King Lear: 

  • “THOUGHTFUL AND AFFECTING.  King Lear has lowered its voice, the better to be heard more clearly…Mr. Pennington’s King…punctuates the expected blasts of rage with a quieter, introspective insight that is more devastating…More than any Lear  I’ve seen this production gives the impression of talking to — rather than yelling at — its audience…Ms. Arbus is here to remind us just how muchLear is a story not only of dynasty but also of families.” – Ben Brantley, The New York Times. Read the full review.
  • “Spare…Powerful…Potent” – Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News. Read the full review.
  • “The gifted Shakespearean Michael Pennington plays the role with valiant sensitivity and insight…” – Alexis Soloski, Village Voice
  • “A stark, supple staging with a good company headed by Michael Pennington, who is wonderfully subtle.” – Michael Sommers, Read the full review.


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