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NY Times: Get Ready for the Masterwork No One Has Seen

“Fefu and Her Friends,” perhaps the finest work of the Cuban-American director and playwright María Irene Fornés, is finally getting a New York revival. When the Cuban-American director and playwright María Irene Fornés died last fall, the New York Times obituary referred to her as “an underrecognized genius.” Now, what is perhaps her finest work,…Read More »

NPR: At 94, Peter Brook is Still At It

“At the age of 94, director and author Peter Brook can genuinely be called a living legend. His career has stretched for over seven decades, from ground-breaking productions of Shakespeare to his nine-hour adaptation of the Sanskrit epic, the Mahabarata. His latest work is on stage now in Brooklyn. It’s called Why? and it asks…Read More »

NY Times (Review) Peter Brook Asks the Ultimate Question in ‘Why?’

A new work from one of the indisputably great directors is partly a tribute to theater and partly a warning about theatricality. Though he has been a director for 70 years, Peter Brook doesn’t like to call himself that. He prefers “distiller”: someone who boils away everything extraneous to render the essence of the story…Read More »

Peter Brook\NY Souvenir Booklet

A booklet produced by Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Hamm Archives featuring historic photographs, a timeline of Peter Brook’s productions and New York presence, essays by writer Violaine Huisman and Russian theatre scholar Anatoly Smeliansky, and information about Peter Brook/NY events at The Center for Fiction, Columbia University, French Institute Alliance Française’s Crossing the Line Festival,…Read More »

VOGUE: Theater is Coded as a White Space

“We were all excited to try to have a theater space—which is always coded as a white space, unless it’s a very specific kind of theater—shift for the benefit of people of color. Normally, it’s the reverse; people of color have to shift to fit into the room. I thought it could be cathartic to…Read More »

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