Wedding Band “What to See and Experience Live in New York This Spring.” – New York Times

“Alice Childress was a force to be reckoned with in the theater, even if she didn’t always get her due. After all, she would have been the first Black female playwright on Broadway if she hadn’t refused to compromise on her work. That would-be first was her play ‘Trouble in Mind,’ which finally premiered on…Read More »

Wedding Band “One of the Most Anticipated Shows of 2022.” – New York Magazine

“The great playwright Alice Childress had been largely sidelined by history, but now revivals have begun to grapple with her legacy in earnest. Her backstage comic drama Trouble in Mind finally made it to Broadway in the fall, and now another of her works — a lacerating and heartbroken 1972 play about how white supremacy can lie…Read More »

Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare Theatre Company: Washington Post Review

“John Douglas Thompson offers a RIVETING portrayal of Shylock…in a moving performance bristling with righteous indignation…Director Arin Arbus lets us see all the ugliest implications of The Merchant of Venice in the fascinating production she has staged.” –The Washington Post Read more from The Washington Post here. The Merchant of Venice is now playing through April 24 at Shakespeare Theatre…Read More »

Maureen Dowd, Opinion, “Going After that Pound of Flesh”: New York Times

“Simon Godwin, the director of Washington’s Shakespeare Theater, was interviewing John Douglas Thompson, who is starring as Shylock in director Arin Arbus’s dazzling new production of ‘Merchant of Venice.’ Godwin asked Thompson — a renowned Shakespearean actor who has appeared on TV in ‘Mare of Easttown’ and ‘The Gilded Age’ — where he stands on…Read More »

American Theatre: Offscript interview with Will Eno

Offscript, American Theatre’s flagship podcast for a number of years, is back as a Facebook Live chat with the magazine’s editors and special guests as well as an audio podcast. This week the editors talk to playwright Will Eno (Middletown, Thom Pain, The Realistic Joneses) about his “rough” new adaptation of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, titled Gnit and premiering after 18 months of…Read More »

Broadway Radio: interview with Oliver Butler

October 19, 2021 On this episode, award-winning director Oliver Butler talks about the return of Will Eno’s Ibsen adaptation “Gnit.” After being shut down following just a handful of performances in March 2020, Oliver, playwright Will Eno, and a cast made of some returning and some new company members will return to Brooklyn’s Theatre for…Read More »

Concord Theatricals: Will Eno participates in Read More Plays Book Club

Gnit playwright Will Eno is participating in the Read More Plays Club from Concord Theatricals! This new reading club focuses on recognizing select Concord Theatricals plays as important works of literature. We hope that the Read More Plays Club will unite theatre lovers and create a digital space dedicated to celebrating great artists, good conversation…Read More »

The New York Times: FIRST LOVE

Critics’ Pick ‘First Love’ Review: Stop and Smell the Corpses Bill Camp stars in JoAnne Akalaitis’s creepy, funny streaming production of this Samuel Beckett short story. Read the full article by Laura Collins-Hughes on The New York Times HERE.    

NY Times: Gnit in Spring Preview

Iconoclasts blowing up the classics are an everyday occurrence in theater. But the process acquires an extra cachet when the demolition experts are as inventive and celebrated as Will Eno and Taylor Mac, both finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for drama. A master of the anxious ellipsis, Eno (“Thom Pain,” “The Realistic Joneses”) will be…Read More »

NY Times reviewing World Premiere of Gnit at Humana Festival

“Mr. Eno has studied the play closely, and the marvel of his new version is how closely it tracks the original while also being, at every moment and unmistakably, a Will Eno play. Enophiles…will delight in how snugly Ibsen’s peculiar drama accommodates Mr. Eno’s flair for playing games with language and his offbeat humor, which…Read More »