*Open Caption Performance – Saturday, May 7, 2:00PM

  A captioning screen displays the spoken word, sound effects, and any other audio portion of the production in text form.

Deepen your experience of Wedding Band with free post-show conversations with artists and scholars following these 2pm matinee performances. TFANA Talks are free and open to the public and do not require a ticket to that day’s performance.

Saturday, May 7, 4:30PM: TFANA Talk
“Wedding Band Through a Black Feminist Lens”
Moderator: Arminda Thomas
With: Brittany Bradford, Prof. Paul Edwards (NYU), Prof. Autumn Womack (Princeton)

Sunday May 8, 4:30PM: TFANA Talk
“A Conversation with Kathy A. Perkins”
Moderator: Arminda Thomas
With: Kathy A. Perkins (Editor of Childress’ Selected Plays), Awoye Timpo, Elizabeth Van Dyke

Saturday, May 14, 4:30PM: TFANA Talk
“CLASSIX: In Search of Alice Childress”
Moderator: Jonathan Kalb
With: The CLASSIX collective: Brittany Bradford, AJ Muhammad, Dominique Rider, Arminda Thomas, Awoye Timpo

Sunday May 15, 4:30PM: TFANA Talk
“Reflections, with Bianca Vivion Brooks”
Moderator: Bianca Vivion Brooks
With: Brittany Bradford, Juliana Canfield (He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box…)

Saturday, May 21, 4:30PM: TFANA Talk
“Interrogating the Left in the Work of Alice Childress”
Moderator: Dominique Rider
With: Venus Evans-Winters, Awoye Timpo, Mary Helen Washington