Brooklyn Borough President Allocates $1M Gift!

More good news on the Capital Campaign front: Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has allocated $1 million to our new home! Impressed by the energy and success of our Inaugural Capital Campaign Benefit in February of this year, Marty wanted to add to the momentum with a gift straight from our future home borough.

Marty has long been eager for the Theatre to come to Brooklyn. When he unveiled our initial design back in 2005, he remarked, “The stunning new home of the Theatre for a New Audience will help ensure that Brooklyn remains New York’s creative capital for years to come.”

We now have commitments for $45.4 million, 77% of our total Campaign goal of $58.5 million. Go Brooklyn!


Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz with his wife, Jamie Snow, and the Theatre’s Managing Director Dorothy Ryan at the Inaugural Capital Campaign Benefit in February 2008.

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