The Spotlight’s on… 80 Arts: The James E. Davis Arts Building

patronmail-80-arts.jpgAmong Theatre for a New Audience’s future neighbors in the BAM Cultural District is the James E. Davis Arts Building, also known as 80 Arts. Located at 80 Hanson Place on the corner of South Portland Avenue, 80 Arts was once a State office building, abandoned in the 90’s and vacant for a decade. In 2003, the BAM LDC transformed it into affordable office space and designated the 30,000 square foot building for small nonprofit arts and art services groups. The building was named for City Councilman James E. Davis, who was assassinated in July 2003. He represented parts of the surrounding neighborhood and was an ardent supporter of the arts.

Fort Greene has long been home to diverse arts organizations, visual artists, filmmakers, and performers. As part of the terms of their residence, 80 Arts organizations are asked to provide programs and services to the local community, and are encouraged to collaborate with one another and with their BAM Cultural District neighbors. Currently, eleven diverse arts organizations call 80 Arts home.

For more information about 80 Arts and its resident organizations, click here.