Brooklyn Community Members Gather

wordpress-boothe-palmer-hamilton.JPGOn Wednesday, November 1, Theatre for a New Audience invited members of the Brooklyn community to gather for an evening of cocktails, dinner, and discussion, followed by a performance of Ohio State Murders, by Adrienne Kennedy. 

Attendees, including local business owners, university professors, a museum director, and other members of the Brooklyn arts community, shared thoughts about how the Theatre might integrate into and collaborate with the local community and the importance of our outreach and education programs in Brooklyn’s public schools.√Ǭ† Ohio State Murders Director Evan Yiounoulis and lead actor LisaGay Hamilton spoke about their creative processes and the value of a permanent home.

Ohio State Murders had a brief but successful run, selling out its final performances.  This production was the New York premiere and was widely acclaimed.  Visit our capital website to read the New York Times review. 

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