GNIT Review: Time Out New York


“Questioned about his odd last name, the antihero of Will Eno’s Gnit shrugs and replies, ‘It’s a typo…but we decided to just go with it.’ That no-big-deal energy is prevalent throughout Eno’s new play, whose characters grapple with the biggest of big questions— What is love? Is there a God? What is my purpose?—with almost pathological nonchalance, to both mournful and hilarious effect…”

“Gnit is a reworking of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt… Eno’s more substantial innovation is to substitute a deceptively breezy absurdism for Ibsen’s romantic grandiosity. Director and frequent Eno collaborator Oliver Butler has cracked the code on the playwright’s comedies of existential dread; he expertly steers Gnit’s cast of six through the twists and turns of Peter’s eventful but joyless life. The six actors play scores of characters—the quick changes are magnificent.”

Time Out New York


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