Concord Theatricals: Will Eno participates in Read More Plays Book Club

Gnit playwright Will Eno is participating in the Read More Plays Club from Concord Theatricals!

This new reading club focuses on recognizing select Concord Theatricals plays as important works of literature. We hope that the Read More Plays Club will unite theatre lovers and create a digital space dedicated to celebrating great artists, good conversation and plays on the page. Each club session features a fantastic Concord Theatricals title and artists connected to the work in an hour-long candid discussion around the creation and history of the play. Readers have a chance to engage with the artist and learn more about their motivations, their creative process, and the work itself.

Join Will in conversation and ask him about Gnit on November 1 at 6pm. Registration is free. Get more information and register on the Read More Plays Club website.





Posted on October 21, 2021 at 4:25 pm

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