“[Audiences] will delight in how snugly Ibsen’s peculiar drama accommodates Mr. Eno’s flair for playing games with language and his offbeat humor, which cuts to the heart as incisively as it tickles the funny bone.” - The New York Times

“Mr. Eno has built a career nudging ordinary speech toward the odd, the sad and the marvelous. His plays are formally inventive and verbally dexterous, yet they can feel excruciatingly truthful.” - The New York Times

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Gnit is the celebrated American playwright Will Eno’s acerbically witty adaptation of the Ibsen classic Peer Gynt. Eno has reimagined that sprawling, satirical, 19th-century quest tale as a quick-paced contemporary tragicomedy. Peter Gnit is a feckless, well-meaning sloucher who bounces between glib reactions to Experience and ill-considered efforts at finding his True Self, all the while missing the love, joy, sorrow, goodness and authentic experience that are right in front of his nose. Packed with Eno’s signature wordplay, wit, and deflated pretentiousness, Gnit finds hilarity in calamitous self-deception and profundity in a pratfall life.