The Lobby at Polonsky Shakespeare Center

Theatre for a New Audience is deeply sympathetic to the bravery of the protesters and importance of the protests. We condemn police brutality. But TFANA could not responsibly open its facility as it would not be able to ensure the health and safety of protesters, staff and volunteers using the lobby. Polonsky Shakespeare Center is a City-owned building. TFANA would be in violation of its lease as it is currently required that all non-essential business be closed and social distancing be observed.

We appreciate there are other theatres opening their lobbies, but cannot speak for them. Some of these theatres own their own facilities. Others rent from commercial landlords. Among those who have leases and license agreements with the City, the terms vary from organization to organization depending on the building itself and the decade at which the lease was entered into. There is no “standard” City lease so if one theatre in a City-owned building does open their facilities, it doesn’t mean TFANA can.

In our neighborhood, TFANA is recommending these organizations which are open:

Irondale at 85 South Oxford Street,, from 12:00–7:00pm all days.

South Oxford Space at 138 South Oxford Street,, from 2:00–6:00pm.

BRIC House at 647 Fulton Street,, from 2:00-7:00pm all days.


TFANA is contributing to support these activities.


Theatre for a New Audience