Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellowship

The Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellowship is a paid opportunity for a cohort of young people to gain experience and skills for careers in arts management.  The program aims to create a route into arts management without unpaid internships or master’s degrees. It is sponsored by four organizations in the Brooklyn Cultural District:  BRIC, Mark Morris Dance Group, Theatre for a New Audience, and the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts.

The Fellowship begins in the midst of a vital national conversation about diversity in arts administration and practices to recruit and train arts administrators from underrepresented groups. The partner institutions hope to make a substantial contribution to this discourse in the form of thought-leadership, as well as by sharing results and documentation from the pilot program. We selected seven fellows who started the program in September 2017.  Fellows are rotating through work experience assignments at the four partner organizations and participating in twice-weekly professional development classes in arts management.

Support for The Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellowship is provided by New York City’s Theater Subdistrict Council.