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PUBLIC OBSCENITIES by Shayok Misha Chowdhury: Pulitzer Prize Finalist

Congratulations to Misha Chowdhury on being named a 2024 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Drama for Public Obscenities, written and directed by Mr. Chowdhury. The Pulitzer committee described the play as “a densely written, deeply-felt drama that examines identity, home, queerness, and language through the lens of a Bengali American reuniting with his family in India.”…Read More »

Macbeth (an undoing): The New Yorker Review

“Zinnie Harris’s highly cerebral and sometimes revelatory adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, follows Lady Macbeth (played here by the fascinating Nicole Cooper)…The new play is bracketed by meta-theatrical devices: Lady Macbeth has a chambermaid, Carlin (the very funny Liz Kettle), who also acts as a stagehand and an emissary to the audience, offering monologues that play…Read More »

Macbeth (an undoing): Amsterdam News Review

“A brilliant play…that leaves you stunned and amazed…The cast is superb! Nicole Cooper is an explosive, mesmerizing Lady Macbeth…She is sexy and charming, but also ruthless and deadly…Adam Best is magnificent as Macbeth. He plays the role with such intensity, you feel for this man who knows he’s done wrong and quickly turns to madness…Zinnie…Read More »

Macbeth (an undoing): ★★★★ The Guardian Review 2023 World Premiere

“Zinnie Harris’ audacious conjuring of Shakespeare’s Macbeth…Sometimes witty, always intelligent.” Read more from The Guardian here. Macbeth (an undoing) begins performances on April 5. Click here to learn more.

Macbeth (an undoing): ★★★★ The Telegraph Review 2023 World Premiere

“A universally fabulous cast.” Read more from The Telegraph here. Macbeth (an undoing) begins performances on April 5. Click here to learn more.

Macbeth (an undoing): Financial Times Review 2024 London Premiere

“Nicole Cooper…is terrific: her Lady Macbeth is funny, sensual, proud and smart and Emmanuella Cole is great as a shrewd Lady Macduff. Their performances make the case that the Macbeth women have been seriously short-changed.” Read more from The Financial Times here. Macbeth (an undoing) begins performances on April 5. Click here to learn more.

Macbeth (an undoing): ★★★★★ The Herald Review 2023 World Premiere

“A thrilling reimagining that lays bare the real power behind the blood-spattered throne.” Read more from The Herald here. Macbeth (an undoing) begins performances on April 5. Click here to learn more.

Macbeth (an undoing): “The Best of What’s Coming This Spring” –Observer

“Note the subtitle of this London import, an adaptation by Zinnie Harris. Shakespeare’s familiar lines for the ‘Scottish Play’ alternate with Harris’s contemporary dialogue, giving a feminist spin to the witchy tragedy of ambition, loyalty, and conscience from the POV of Lady M (Nicole Cooper).” Read more from Observer here. Macbeth (an undoing) begins performances on April…Read More »

Public Obscenities: This Year’s Best Theatre- The New Yorker

“We’re lucky that Shayok Misha Chowdhury’s intricate bilingual drama is returning in 2024 for an encore run, at Theatre for a New Audience.” Read more from The New Yorker here.  Public Obscenities plays January 17- February 18. Click here to learn more and buy tickets. 

Public Obscenities: 2024’s Most Anticipated Theater- New York Magazine

“After an acclaimed run at Soho Rep last spring, Shayok Misha Chowdhury’s play is back for a longer stint in Brooklyn. Told in English and Bangla, with supertitles about the stage, the play depicts a Bengali American Ph.D. student and his American boyfriend’s trip back to Kolkata, where they research the local queer history and…Read More »