Reflections, with Bianca Vivion Brooks


TFANA productions include a TFANA Talk, a free post-performance discussion following select performances.

This season, TFANA will inaugurate Reflections, hosted by essayist and commentator Bianca Vivion Brooks. At age 14, Brooks became the youngest National Public Radio correspondent, writing weekly commentaries for All Things Considered. At 16, she was chosen to head NPR’s youth news desk at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. At 17, she became the youngest journalist nominated for the California Journalism Award for excellence in radio reporting. At 18, Brooks became the youngest opinion writer for The New York Times. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University and recently served as a New York Times and CNN commentator on the 2020 Democratic presidential debates.

During the run of each of TFANA’s 2022-23 productions, Brooks will host one free post-show discussion with guests from the worlds of art, activism, and media. They will consider the works through the political and cultural perspectives of a rising generation of New Yorkers.