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Administrative Office/Mailing Address
Theatre for a New Audience
154 Christopher Street, Suite #3D
New York, NY 10014
P: 212-229-2819
F: 212-229-2911


To inquire about renting space at Polonsky Shakespeare Center, please contact


Blake Zidell & Associates
P: 718-643-9052


Jack Doulin

Jeffrey Horowitz Founding Artistic Director 212-229-2819 x14
Dorothy Ryan Managing Director 212-229-2819 x20
Kate Mott Morrow and Karly Fischer of Mott/Fischer Productions General Management
George Brennan Capital Campaign Director 212-229-2819 x13
Eddie Carlson Director of Marketing and Communications 212-229-2819 x47
James Lynes Director of Institutional Advancement 212-229-2819 x29
Mary Sormeley Finance Director 212-229-2819 x19
Lindsay Tanner Director of Education 212-229-2819 x18
Brett Anders Production Manager 212-229-2819 x64
Sara Billeaux Associate Director of Development  212-229-2819 x12
Molly Burdick Company Manager 212-229-2819 x15
Allison Byrum Box Office Manager 212-229-2819 x10
Rashawn Caldwell Facilities Manager 212-229-2819 x34
Steven Gaultney Theatre Manager 212-229-2819 x50
Angela Renzi Marketing Manager 212-229-2819 x27
Peter Cook Artistic Associate 212-229-2819 x48
Noël Dudley Membership and Special Events Coordinator 212-229-2819 x53
Harmony Fiori Finance Associate 212-229-2819 x30
Dylan Gurrera Education Associate  212-229-2819 x17
Jake Larimer Development Associate 212-229-2819 x25
Olivia Laskin Development Associate 212-229-2819 x23

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Single Ticket Sales

212-229-2819 x10
Summer hours: Monday-Friday, 1PM – 6PM


Subscriptions and Group Sales

212-229-2819 x10
Summer hours: Monday–Friday, 1PM – 6PM


Script Submission Policy

Theatre for a New Audience considers a small number of contemporary plays for production but does not consider unsolicited manuscripts.


Pictured above: Kathryn Hunter and cast members of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, photo by Joan Marcus.