By William Shakespeare

Directed by Arin Arbus
Set Design – Donyale Werle
Costume Design – Anita Yavich
Lighting Design – Marcus Doshi
Original Music/Arrangements – Michael Friedman
Choreographer– Doug Elkins
Movement Consultant – B.H. Barry
Voice Director – Andrew Wade
Casting – Deborah Brown
Stage Manager – Renee Lutz

Featuring Maggie Siff and Andy Grotelueschen
With Varin Ayala, Denis Butkus, Paul L. Coffey, Matthew Cowles, Olwen Fouéré, John Christopher Jones, John Keating, Robert Langdon Lloyd, Peter Maloney, Jonathan Mastro, Saxon Palmer, John Pankow, Kathryn Saffell, and Graham Winton
Fresh from her triumphs with the tragedies of Othello and Macbeth, Theatre for a New Audience’s associate artistic director Arin Arbus turns to comedy. Shakespeare depicts a rough world where everyone is out for themselves — scheming, deceiving and hiding beneath disguises.  Forced to marry a brash young gold-digger so that her sweeter, younger sister may marry for love, the temperamental Katherine proves to be more than Petruchio bargained for. While Harold Bloom writes, “Kate and Petruchio…are clearly going to be the happiest married couple in Shakespeare”, others see the play as a simplistic story of female subordination.  Arbus finds a hilarious and subtle tale of determination: two absurdly stubborn and whip-smart people lock horns because they are both bent on achieving satisfaction on their own terms.