“Simon Godwin is fast becoming one of our best classical directors.” - The Guardian

“Simon Godwin makes waves with his bold choices.” - The Financial Times

“Simon Godwin's lively, modern-dress staging renders the play remarkably engaging, amusing and disquieting.” - The London Times


Directed by SIMON GODWIN

Simon Godwin, a British artist, is an Associate Director at London’s National Theatre and is described as “fast becoming one of our best classical directors” (Michael Billington, The Guardian).  His acclaimed staging of Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company is most recently played in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Mr. Godwin will stage a new production of Shakespeare’s disturbing comedy, Measure for Measure. In this tale of irrepressible lust, impossible purity, and infuriating hypocrisy, Godwin sees a high-stakes conflict of clashing ideologies—a tensely diverse world in which incompatible values collide and expose the tenuous boundary between order and anarchy.

Endowment support for Measure for Measure is provided by The Howard Gilman Foundation Fund for Classic Drama.
Pictured: Simon Godwin, photo by Graeme Robertson.