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New York Times Review: A Moving ‘Winter’s Tale,’ With Women in Charge

“Grisly…Giddy…Moving… [The Winter’s Tale] powerfully reminds us that not every loss can be undone…the excellent cast squeezes the ripe Shakespearean language for all it’s worth. Fleet and pungent, the production at two hours and 50 minutes, is much shorter than many. Anatol Yusef makes an unusually convincing Leontes… Mahira Kakkar is fierce as Paulina… Kelley Curran’s Hermione is regally played.…Read More »

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Adrienne Kennedy’s Beautiful Nightmare

They are at their exquisite peak, this boy and girl stepping through the shadows. They are far enough from childhood to be fully formed but not yet coarsened by adulthood, as delicate of limb and feature as mantelpiece figurines. Only the slight differences in the shades of their perfect skins suggest they are not a…Read More »

The New Yorker: Adrienne Kennedy’s Startling Body of Work

Kennedy’s most recent work for the stage, “He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box” (evocatively directed by Evan Yionoulis, in a Theatre for a New Audience production, at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center), is smaller than her previous plays but is shaped like the shimmering and original scripts that made Kennedy’s name in the nineteen-sixties…Read More »

Village Voice: Adrienne Kennedy Spins a Terrifying Tale of Poetry, Racism, and Doomed Love

Welcome to the mind of Adrienne Kennedy, the poet who refracts all of world history and its attendant cultural artifacts through the prism of the American shame, racism, and the personal agonies it has visited on generations of individuals. Winston Churchill —who is cited in the script as knowing friends of one of Montefiore’s leading citizens — said…Read More »