“Irene is in the pantheon of the great writers like Beckett or Pinter or Caryl Churchill.” - Joanne Akailitis in The New York Times

“The Fornés Ouvre is one of American drama’s most important achievements.” - Tony Kushner in The New York Times

“In the work of every American playwright at the end of the 20th century, there are only two stages: before she has read Maria Irene Fornes and after.” - Paula Vogel

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Cast Brittany Bradford, Juliana Canfield, Helen Cespedes, Jennifer Lim, Ronete Levenson, Lindsay Rico, Amelia Workman, Carmen Zilles

Fefu and Her Friends
is one of the most beloved plays of the late nine-time Obie Award-winning Cuban-American dramatist María Irene Fornés.

Directed by two-time Obie Award winner Lileana Blain-Cruz, Fefu and Her Friends tells the story of a group of articulate, idiosyncratic women who gather in Fefu’s New England country house in 1935 to rehearse for a charity event. Their conversations evolve and become intimate dialogues and commentary on gender, sex, psychology and class. 

A modern classic of both feminist and environmental theater, Fefu and Her Friends runs approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. Part I begins with the audience together. In Part II, the audience splits into four groups that move around the auditorium each experiencing the story in a different setting in a different order. In Part III, the audience comes back together. Fornés’ play is humor-laced, unsettling, and wrenching, allowing the audience to see this fascinating gathering through multiple perspectives.  

TFANA’s production is the first Off-Broadway revival of Fefu and Her Friends since American Place Theatre’s 1978 production.