Orpheus Descending Review: The New York Review of Books

“EXCELLENT ACTING AND DIRECTION …the brilliant ANA REEDER (Vee Talbot) …. JULIA McDERMOTT (Carol Cutrere), the outspoken, damaged scion of privilege….PICO ALEXANDER (as Val ) and especially MAGGIE SIFF (as Lady) imbue their roles with the gravity and wit. Siff’s wounded intensity is consistently plausible and affecting. We need to believe that Lady’s recklessness—carrying on an affair literally beneath her husband’s feet, in full view of a vicious southern community, all the while refusing to obey its racist strictures—is driven by an inner necessity… Siff achieves this by embodying a barely repressed fury from the start…

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS IS A MAJOR AMERICAN PLAYWRIGHT.… sympathetic to outcasts especially men and women who refuse to conform to society’s sexual mores. ORPHEUS DESCENDING links this intent with racial justice…Williams moral clarity is bracing and unequivocal. “

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