The Spotlight’s on… Cicely Berry

Cicely BerryCicely Berry, OBE. Hon.D.Lit, is a member of Theatre for a New Audience’s Artistic Council and the recipient of the 2007 Samuel H. Scripps Award.

In 1969, she was invited to work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and she has been their voice director ever since. During her nearly 40 years with the RSC, she has not limited herself to the British theatre world; rather, she was worked with theatre companies around the globe. From workshops in the Favellas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to master classes in Seoul, Korea, Ms. Berry’s work consistently raises performers’ understanding of the power of language and the voice. What makes her unique and in demand as a voice coach is that she works to help people find their authentic voice. She believes that only when one has found their true voice can they find their place in the world.

Theatre for a New Audience’s relationship with Ms. Berry started in 1996. The following year, the American Directors Project was established to promote the development of young to mid-career American directors of Shakespeare. Since then she has regularly worked with our actors on various productions and has lead workshops with American Directors Project emerging directors.

Ms. Berry is also a political activist and a humanist.