The Spotlight’s On… David Herskovits

David Herskovits, the director of The Jew of Malta, is also the Founder and the Artistic Director of Target Margin Theater. David is a Brooklyn resident.
Not at all a director to shy away from challenges, David was excited to approach this work not only because Malta is practically unknown, but also because, “it is a heck of a lot of fun,” and it “provokes us all to reflect on our world [and] our conduct.”

The Jew of Malta can be shocking. The battles between the Christians, Jews and Muslims are incessant, and the wickedness of the title character, Barabas, is unremitting. When asked how much of a challenge it was to approach the religious intolerance in the play, David responded, “I think there is little point in doing this play if you are not prepared to embrace the bigotry and stereotype[s] it embodies. This can give anyone pause, and I have tried to be resolute and unafraid.”

Through Target Margin Theater, he will be working on two Greek Classics, including his own adaptation of Plato’s Symposium, “Dinner Party.” He will also direct an American premiere of Pascal Dusapin’s opera “Faustus, the Last Night” this spring in Charleston.