If the founding principles of democracy are that we all are created equal, entitled to equal justice and the right to life, why, despite these principles, does the blight of systemic racism in America continue to perpetuate death, inequality and injustice? Why are so many members of the Black community, indigenous people and people of color being killed by the police? In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder; killings of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor; and the agonizing loss of so many Black lives, we write to express our solidarity with those demanding we face this question and finally attain a just society.

Theatre for a New Audience is committed to confronting this blight, acknowledging its privilege and using its resources to grow as an institution. We will continue to diversify staff leadership and our Board of Directors. We will act to end racism, hatred, and bigotry in any form. This commitment is fundamental to TFANA and we cannot rest until it is achieved. We are home to a living theatre with artists of diverse backgrounds, dedicated to freedom of imagination, exploring all aspects of life and art, and bringing all of us together to expand our humanity by experiencing, recognizing and listening to each other.


Theatre for a New Audience