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New York Times: Don’t Say Clown if You Want a Sophisticated Audience

Theater: The Art of Clowning in Brooklyn If you’re trying to attract a sophisticated crowd, there are words it is wise to stay away from. Clown, for instance, comes freighted with associations: red noses, fright wigs, face paint, fear. So Theater for a New Audience is sagely touting Jos Houben and Marcello Magni, the European stars of…Read More »

Peter Brook & David Shiner on MARCEL + THE ART OF LAUGHTER

“A pianist practices day after day for the muscles that guide his fingers to become so flexible that we can begin to speak of the art of piano playing. Actors do exercises to develop their bodies but this has no meaning until they go beyond their muscles.  Both Jos Houben and Marcello Magni spent years in…Read More »


View a new video trailer for MARCEL + THE ART OF LAUGHTER:

Theatre for a New Audience, Arin Arbus, Kecia Lewis, and Riccardo Hernandez Win at the 2017 Obies

This year’s Obie Awards ceremony featured awards for Theatre for a New Audience, director Arin Arbus, actor Kecia Lewis, and designer Riccardo Hernandez.  Theatre for a New Audience received The Ross Wetzsteon Award for “exceptional enterprise in its approach to classics or in creating innovative new work.” Arin Arbus received an Obie Award for her…Read More »

The Village Voice: Theater in the Time of Not Normal

The Village talks to the 2017 Obie Award winners, including The Skin of Our Teeth actor Kecia Lewis and director Arin Arbus, about making theatre in today’s political climate.   Click Here to read the full article.  

The Village Voice: Obies-Honored Set Designers Took Us To The Moors, Vietnam — and New Jersey

  The Village Voice talks to The Skin of Our Teeth set designer Riccardo Hernandez, winner of a 2017 Obie Award for Sustained Excellence in Set Design, about his design for Thornton Wilder’s classic play.   Click Here to read the full article and view designs and models of the Skin of Our Teeth set.

MEASURE FOR MEASURE is a Time Out New York Critic’s Pick

“★★★★…Astute…playful…with no shortage of compassion…a haunting exploration of what can happen when morality becomes law…In an age of outrage, this revelatory Measure for Measure is a cry for hope and reconciliation.” – Diane Snyder, Time Out New York, Critic’s Pick

The New York Times Review: MEASURE FOR MEASURE

“Gorgeous…This Measure for Measure soars just as it should into that uniquely Shakespearean plane where absolutely opposing philosophies are given equally compelling expression.” – Jesse Green, The New York Times

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Electrifying ‘Measure for Measure’ at TFANA’s Polonsky Shakespeare Center

“There is so much to love in this production. Cara Ricketts is an incandescent Isabella. She delivers a mesmerizing performance. Jonathan Cake is a charismatic Duke. And Thomas Jay Ryan brings depth and nuance to the role of Angelo. Simon Godwin directs a stellar cast in an electrifying, high-energy staging.” – Lore Croghan, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

The Stage: Measure for Measure ‘an illuminating production’

MEASURE FOR MEASURE is “a taut and illuminating production…Jonathan Cake glides through his role as the Duke with giddy charm while Thomas Jay Ryan’s Angelo smoothly shifts from rigid zealot to man smitten with Isabella…Cara Ricketts’ virtuous Isabella never breaks. It’s a poised and formidable performance.” – Nicole Serratore, The Stage