Wedding Band Review: The New York Times Critic’s Pick

“A blazing, upsetting, necessary work for today…A searing look at miscegenation…Not seen in a major New York production since its premiere in 1972…the revival — in a Theatre for a New Audience production directed by Awoye Timpo — makes the case that the 50-year wait was far too long.” Read more from The New York…Read More »

Wedding Band Review: ★★★★ Time Out

“As powerful and real as anything you will see this season.” Read more from Time Out here. Wedding Band is now playing through May 15.

Wedding Band Review: New York Magazine

“An elegant production…a masterpiece…Alice Childress cuts deep with Wedding Band, exposing anti-Blackness down at the American bone.” Read more from New York Magazine here. Wedding Band is now playing through May 15.

Wedding Band “The Rediscovery of a Lost Black Playwright” – New Yorker

“The playwright Alice Childress, who lived from 1916 to 1994, never saw her work produced on Broadway. Unlike some of her Black contemporaries—Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson—she wasn’t canonized or widely taught. In her later years, “she felt like she had been forgotten,” the dramaturge Arminda Thomas said the other day. Lately, though, Childress has been…Read More »

Wedding Band Review: The Wrap

“Awoye Timpo directs this superb production of Wedding Band …A Cinemascope production for this simultaneously intimate and sprawling story. Jason Ardizzone-West’s set uses every inch of the theater and even a few we didn’t know about until he and Timpo reveal them to us in a thrilling conclusion. Read more from The Wrap Click here to…Read More »

Wedding Band Review: ★★★★ New York Stage Review

“Good taste deserves to sell. For a prime example: this powerful revival of Alice Childress’ Wedding Band.” Read more from New York Stage Review Click here to learn more and buy tickets.

Wedding Band Review: New York Theater

“The overdue resurrection of Alice Childress continues with this first New York production in half a century of ‘Wedding Band,’ her richly resonant story of an interracial couple set in 1918 South Carolina…It is hard to imagine a more beautifully rendered, exquisitely acted version of this rarely seen drama.” Read more from New York Theater Click…Read More »

Wedding Band Review: TheaterMania

“A breathtakingly powerful production…By turns hilarious and gut-wrenching, this production of Wedding Band needs to be seen.” Read more from TheaterMania here. Wedding Band is now playing through May 15.

Wedding Band “What to See and Experience Live in New York This Spring.” – New York Times

“Alice Childress was a force to be reckoned with in the theater, even if she didn’t always get her due. After all, she would have been the first Black female playwright on Broadway if she hadn’t refused to compromise on her work. That would-be first was her play ‘Trouble in Mind,’ which finally premiered on…Read More »

Wedding Band “One of the Most Anticipated Shows of 2022.” – New York Magazine

“The great playwright Alice Childress had been largely sidelined by history, but now revivals have begun to grapple with her legacy in earnest. Her backstage comic drama Trouble in Mind finally made it to Broadway in the fall, and now another of her works — a lacerating and heartbroken 1972 play about how white supremacy can lie…Read More »