NY Times: Get Ready for the Masterwork No One Has Seen

“Fefu and Her Friends,” perhaps the finest work of the Cuban-American director and playwright María Irene Fornés, is finally getting a New York revival. When the Cuban-American director and playwright María Irene Fornés died last fall, the New York Times obituary referred to her as “an underrecognized genius.” Now, what is perhaps her finest work,…Read More »

Read: FEFU 360° Viewfinder

Read about playwright María Irene Fornés, an essay by Migdalia Cruz, an interview with director Lileana Blain-Cruz, and more. Click here to read our free issue of 360° Viewfinder for facts and perspectives on the play, playwright, and production of Fefu and Her Friends.

NPR: At 94, Peter Brook is Still At It

“At the age of 94, director and author Peter Brook can genuinely be called a living legend. His career has stretched for over seven decades, from ground-breaking productions of Shakespeare to his nine-hour adaptation of the Sanskrit epic, the Mahabarata. His latest work is on stage now in Brooklyn. It’s called Why? and it asks…Read More »

NY Times (Review) Peter Brook Asks the Ultimate Question in ‘Why?’

A new work from one of the indisputably great directors is partly a tribute to theater and partly a warning about theatricality. Though he has been a director for 70 years, Peter Brook doesn’t like to call himself that. He prefers “distiller”: someone who boils away everything extraneous to render the essence of the story…Read More »

New York Times Review: Fairview

“A glorious, scary reminder of the unmatched power of live theater to rattle, roil and shake us wide awake.” – Ben Brantley, The New York Times Critic’s Pick   Read the full review from The New York Times here. Fairview starts performances June 2. Learn more.

TDF: Why JULIUS CAESAR Feels More Urgent Than Ever

“I think the stakes are more critical in the year leading up to the 2020 election,” she says. “We are on the precipice of making these fundamental choices about who will run our country and how we will govern. I think we are at a moment where we really need to be in conversation with…Read More »

Theatermania Review: About Alice

“Humorous and heartfelt, this touching tribute to Trillin’s late wife is not just the memoir of a marriage, but an intimate look into a lost culture shared only by two.” “[Jeffrey] Bean embodies an intelligent and inoffensive humorist, a man perfectly at ease chasing a sincere observation with a one-liner.” “[Carrie] Paff radiates Alice’s passion…Read More »

Artforum interview with Peter Brook

“Peter Brook has been a gale force in theater for well over half a century.” – Artforum Click here to watch Peter Brook discuss THE PRISONER and the real life experience from over 50 years ago that inspired it and haunts him to this day.   THE PRISONER, text and direction by Peter Brook and…Read More »

Theater Pizzazz Review: The Prisoner

“Brook’s profound understanding of Dostoevsky and Beckett – both of whose work he has directed – informs The Prisoner. Though the place is never specified (it could be anywhere), the landscape of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot is conjured up before our eyes. In this case, however, the “waiting” is not for a savior, but rather for enlightenment within.…Read More »

Remembering Board Member Merle Debuskey

By Neil Genzlinger “We couldn’t have built Polonsky Shakespeare Center without his advocacy,” Mr. Horowitz said by email, referring to the facility that Theater for a New Audience opened in 2013 in Brooklyn. “When it came to making people listen about what mattered, Merle was persuasive, eloquent and funny.” READ THE FULL NEW YORK TIMES…Read More »