Capital Update!


There is big news with our Capital Campaign and Project! We are delighted to report that we have raised more than $44 million toward our building goal of $49 million. Our total Campaign goal is $59 million, which includes a $10 million endowment. We have achieved 75% of our total goal! 

Another development is that, in order to maximize the space for cultural organizations and affordable housing, the City has reorganized the Master Plan for the BAM Cultural District, resulting in the relocation of our building. We will now be located mid-block on Ashland Place between Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street, right around the corner from our previous site. It should be noted that while the front façade will change to suit the new site, the Mainstage Рthe heart of our building and the center of our artistic work Рwill not change.

We anticipate groundbreaking in March of 2009. When we complete the facility in 2011, we look forward to celebrating this achievement with you!  Click these links to read more about these updates in the recent articles in  The New York Times and The New York Sun.

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